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MEDINA ASSOCIATES serves clients at both the strategic and tactical levels of creating successful and innovative direct marketing programs as well as providing custom seminar and presentation services.

We specialize in reaching consumers age 50
and over.

All consulting is provided personally by Kurt Medina.

          MEDINA ASSOCIATES regularly conducts in-depth as 
          well as snapshot "50+ Marketing Audits" to assess how
          efficient your 50+ direct marketing really is. And where it 
          can be improved.

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          MEDINA ASSOCIATES Custom In-House seminars can 
          bring you and your staff up-to-the moment in 50+ marketing,
          geared to your company's specific needs.             

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          MEDINA ASSOCIATES can lead internal brainstorming 
          sessions to start a development process ... and/or can go 
          all the way to helping you create a full marketing plan.

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          MEDINA ASSOCIATES can provide on-going as-needed 
          advice as part of a low cost, efficient support package.

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