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Below are different resources to help you find more information about the Mature Market. Check back here as links to more sites will be added in the future.
65+ In the United States
     Census Bureau 192 page book of Special 
     Studies and Current Population Reports 
     about 65+ Americans in The USA.
     Issued June 2014  
Aging Stats
      Web Site of Federal InterAgency Forum on  
      Age-Related Statistics. Includes links to the
      Older Americans report below ... and much
American Society on Aging
      ASA Home Page
Amadeus Trending With Seniors
        An 18 page report on Understanding the Active Retiree 
        Traveler. The trends and attitudes however apply to 
        anyone trying to reach this affluent and involved group 
        for any activity. October 2014. Download the PDF here.
Kurt Medina DOWNLOADABLE Handouts
      and Presentations. Click Here for a listing of all
      recent presentations plus available handouts.
50+ Internet Design Practices - 2 Resources
    from Immersion Active, 50+ Web Agency
      ** White paper on design requirements for
         reaching the 50+ market effectively on 
         the web. (Downloadable PDF)
         Web Design White Paper
      ** Web Site graphically showing 
          the needs of 50+ visitors
          50+ Web Site 
AARP & AARP Research
      AARP's Home Page, plus a wide variety of
      older American research study results
      AARP Home Page and AARP Research Home Page
Grandparent Marketing
      The Grandparent Economy - Study of
      Grandparent population & spending
      habits and more by Peter Francese.
      commissioned by
      (Downloadable PDF)
      Francese Study   
Graphics for 50+ Eyes
      Lighthouse International's advice to graphic designers
      to make graphics readable.
      Lightouse Graphics Accesibility     
Boomer Volunteering Report
      The Corporation for National and Community Services
      prepared this summary of statistics on Boomer
      Boomer Volunteering Report   (Downloadable PDF)    
* Pew Research - Older Adults & Technology
      A current look at actual use of technology 
      by older adults.27 pages of fascinating and 
      sometimes counter-intuitive results.
      April 2014. (Click here to download)
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Village-to-Village Movement Web Site
      The "Village-to-Village" Movement is one of the
      most important (and most succesful) national
      programs designed to allow Seniors to 
      (Link to National Association Web Site)
The United States of Aging Survey
       A fabulous and wide-ranging 103 page survey 
       covering aging statistics, aging attributes,
       attitudes, concerns, living arrangements, 
       health, finances and much more. A superb 
       starting place for being aware of this market.
       Issued in June 2014.  (Click to download.)